Rules for the EponaAuthor.Server (Mastodon)

1. You must be an author or other publishing professional to join.

The EponaAuthor.Social Mastodon Instance is for authors and other publishing professionals (editor, cover artist, publisher, agent, etc.) to network and discuss being an author today (along with everything that goes along with that.)

Other creatives are welcome to join, but if you’re not engaged in creative endeavors, this may not be the instance for you.

2. No hate, bullying, or harassment. Period.

No poking fights or harassing people.  No hate speech–period. TERFs and other individuals who invalidate people’s identities are not welcome here. Situations involving such behavior will be dealt with as soon as reported and harshly.

3. Keep blatant political promotions, memes, and posts to a minimum. (Please read for full rule)

Look, I get it. For some of us our very existence is political. And it’s a privledge to be able to “ignore politics”. Political topics are going to come up; they’re a part of life. When they do, see rule #2. If a conversation gets out of hand, please use moderation tools.

But posting direct political ads, memes, and promotional posts is explicitly frowned upon.

4. Use content warnings generously. (Please read for full rule)

When discussing sensitive topics (such as violence, abuse (including emotional and sexual), eating disorders, graphic depictions of blood, bodily functions, etc. This list is not exhaustive.) please use a content warning at the top of the post.

The usual format is:

CW: topic

Multiple topics are separated by commas. Thank you for your consideration of other server members.